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With regards to cruising, there's a lot of myths floating around out there. You might hear pessimistic reports in the media or people suggesting a cruise is something just retirees would appreciate. We take a look at the 10 most common myths to bust them wide open.

1. All cruises are something very similar

Whether you're after a peaceful time or the entire evening celebrating and mixed drinks, with regards to travels there is a boat to suit all ages and tastes. The differences between the cruise lines, and even the individual ships they operate, can be massive.

2. Seasickness is inevitable

Just because you assume you’ll get seasick doesn’t mean you will. Journey ships are furnished with stabilizers nowadays, so there might be times you don't for even a moment feel development. In any case, there are waves on the sea, so go ready. Consider booking a lodge in the deck where the boat is more steady. Book your cruise on a course or during a season known for more quiet oceans. Read our article "Motion sickness & how to deal with it " for prevention ideas and remedies.

3. Crouses are excessively crowded

Many cruise lines have created adult-only and less crowded segments of the boat. Cruise ships are huge, so in the event that you need some space it's probably you'll have the option to track down a spot to call your own some place.

4. Travels are costly

Of course there are luxury lines where you can spend a fortune on a completely all-inclusive five star cruise. The more luxurious and adventurous a trip the more pricey it will be. But not all cruises are pricey and at certain times of the year you can grab a bargain. Cruise lines often run extra booking incentives when they release new itineraries for future years and offer discount on low season bookings.

5. I have to get dressed up

Sure, it can be fun to put on a tuxedo dress and enjoy a fancy meal, but not everyone feels that way, and sometimes it's just not practical to stuff all that formalwear into your suitcase. The good news is that most ships give you the option to forgo the formality of designated formal nights by avoiding the main dining room.

6. Travels are for elderly individuals

It's true that retirees often have the time and money required to travel aboard longer sailings. Nowadays, cruise lines offer unique programming for everybody. Like never before, you'll find in wellness programs, VIP chefs restaurants, fun activities for families with kids, adults only spots and modern spas.

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7. Cruises are dangerous

With constant news reports often focusing on the negative, it's not difficult to trust there's an issue everywhere - individuals falling over the edge, becoming ill or issues with climate. Actually, nonetheless, cruises are measurably one of the most secure types of transport.

8. Journey ships are loaded with microbes

False. Curies lines have vast standards for careful cleaning and sterilization processes before each send off and during each voyage. Assuming individuals really do become ill and are isolated, they go through those equivalent serious rules once more. All standard boats have locally available groups of specialists and additionally attendants to manage clinical issues. As a general rule, health authorities track all diseases on cruise transports. Cruise ship environments do not necessarily pose any more risk than similarly structured places like schools, nursing homes or hotels.

9. The children will get bored

Disregard attempting to engage kids with iPads, cruise ships have numerous practices to keeping them involved, normally by means of children's clubs monitored by qualified and verified staff. Some have mocktail bars for young people while delicate play and experience regions resemble little amusement parks. There are science labs, pools and dance parties - ideally will make them absolutely busy.

10. Taking a cruise isn’t really traveling

So many choices exist nowadays - from river cruises to volunteerism and eco-accommodating cruising - there's not a really obvious explanation to feel like you will not have worthy activities or experience the neighborhood culture. There are a lot of ways of having credible encounters without following the groups on transport visits or to gift shops. You might pick a cruise that permits you to follow the boats' chefs to neighborhood markets, look for nearby ingredients and even cook with them .

Cruising is one of the most social forms of travel, and cruising alone can be empowering, and it's a great way to meet new people. While you’re planning, don’t forget to protect your investment with travel insurance. See the many advantages of our travel insurance, and how we can help if the need arises.


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