Country's codes

International phone code for Bhutan: +975

Standard ISO 3166-1:

    3 letters: BTN

    2 letters (internet domain): .BT

    Digital country code 064

Standard EAN-13 (country barcode): -

Olympic country code: BHU

FIFA code: BHU

Useful country information

Total area: 18,147 sq mi (47,000 sq km)

Population (2022 est.): 779,900

Capital and largest city (2022 est.): Thimphu (official), 80,000

Capital City
Thimphu: Capital City Profile

Monetary unit: Ngultrum

Languages: Sharchhopka 28%, Dzongkha (official) 24%, Lhotshamkha 22%, other 26% (includes foreign languages) (2005 est.)

Ethnicity/race: Ngalop (also known as Bhote) 50%, ethnic Nepalese 35% (includes Lhotsampas - one of several Nepalese ethnic groups), indigenous or migrant tribes 15%

National Holiday: National Day, December 17

Religions: Lamaistic Buddhist 75.3%, Indian- and Nepalese-influenced Hinduism 22.1%, other 2.6% (2005 est.)


The Kingdom of Bhutan is a country with a strong ancient Buddhist culture and almost completely cut off for centuries to avoid foreign influences.

Bhutan began to open up very slowly to outsiders in the 1970s.
Tourism today is privatised by the Royal Government of Bhutan in 1991 but still restricted; travel is only possible as part of a pre-arranged package or guided tour.

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