Country's codes

International phone code for Cyprus: +357

Standard ISO 3166-1:

    3 letters: CYP

    2 letters (internet domain): .CY

    digital country code 196

Standard EAN-13 (country barcode): 529 

Olympic country code: CYP 

FIFA code:CYP 

Useful country information

Land area: 3,568 sq mi (9,241 sq km); total area: 3,571 sq mi

Population (2014 est.): 1,172,458 (growth rate: 1.48%); birth rate: 11.44/1000; infant mortality rate: 8.54/1000; life expectancy: 78.34

Capital and largest city (2011 est.): Necosia 253,000

Monetary unit: Euro

National name: Kypriaki Dimokratia?Kibris Cumhuriyeti

Current government officials

Languages: Greek, Turkish (both official); English

Ethnicity/race: Greek 77%, Turkish 18% (each concentrated almost exclusively in separate areas); other 5% (2001)

National Holiday: Independence Day, October 1

Religions: Greek Orthodox 78%, Islam 18%, Maronite, other (includes Maronite and Armenian Apostolic) 4%

Literacy rate: 98.7% (2011 est.)

What is Cyprus famous for?

Cyprus is known as a stopover for cruise ships, Aphrodite's Rock; legend has it that the Greek goddess of love and beauty was born there.
The solid rock necropolis of the Tombs of the Kings and the Roman ruins with mosaics at the Paphos Archaeological Park.
Cyprus is famous for the Limassol carnival, Wreck diving (Zenobia wreck), Haloumi cheese and Commandaria, the sweet dessert wine from Cyprus.

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