Fitness to Fly

Air travel and your health.

Flying with a medical condition, have a disability or just require a little bit of extra assistance? You may need to apply for medical clearance, or a MEDIF form.

Fitness to fly certificate

on 20 February 2021

A fit to travel certificate is a medical certificate written by a doctor that confirms your medically fit to fly.

It's important that you're fit to fly, especially if you’re pregnant, are ill or have been injured.
Airlines generally advise passengers with health issues to liaise with their treating physician in order to clarify their fitness to fly. In special cases, it may also be necessary to request medical clearance and a fitness to fly certificate.

The certificate usually called The Medical Information Form or MEDIF.


Travelers Who Have to Submit a MEDIF:

Passengers who apply to any of the following are required to submit a medical certificate using a designated Medical Information Form (MEDIF).
• Customers using a medical oxygen cylinder
• Customers using a portable oxygen concentrator (POC) or artificial respirator
• Customers requiring a stretcher or an incubator
• Customers whose medical conditions may suddenly change
• Customers whose recent illness, injury, or surgery may be affected by air travel.
• Expectant mothers who are within 28 days of their due date


 Here you find a list of MEDIF forms from the top international airlines for download.

Last Updated: 19 May 2022
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