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What is a Travel Health Clinic?

on 21 March 2021

A travel health clinic is an office staffed by doctors and nurses who have a special interest in travel and tropical medicine. Service involves providing immunizations, furnishing necessary medications, and counseling patients on health and safety risks specific to their destination.

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Whether you are planning to take that family vacation or you're heading abroad for your job, traveling can be exciting and a little scary.
the travel clinics advice will help you during every step of their journey.

Why Should I Visit A Travel Clinic?
Visiting a travel clinic isn’t just something we believe you should do. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention highly recommends visiting a travel clinic before you leave the country, especially if traveling to an area where infectious diseases are present. There are a few key reasons for this guidance:

1. Get the most current recommendations for immunizations.
Many travelers find themselves at a travel program for immunizations (vaccines). Vaccines are proof of what modern medicine can do for your health: Keep you from getting infections and illnesses, even while you hop borders.
When you travel, you may come in contact with a disease that's much more common in that country, so it's important to make sure you're fully protected against it. Also, people who are more vulnerable to routine diseases like measles or the flu may be easily exposed to sick travelers in close spaces, such as airports and airplanes, and run the risk of becoming ill while traveling.
In addition to these points, many countries require certain vaccinations, such as yellow fever and meningitis vaccines, in order to enter the country.

2. They can equip you with important medication - both to prevent and treat illnesses.
Travel clinic can provide you with preventative medication for conditions like malaria, altitude sickness, motion sickness, diarrhea, and other things that you may not even think of.
Travel health physician can also talk to you about medications for bug bites that can cause diseases and lead to serious health-related complications.
Some airlines will require a medical certificate from the health care provider. The certificate usually called The Medical Information Form or MEDIF.
Medical information form is a document that needs to be completed if a traveler requires medical assistance along the trip. The travel clinic will help you in completing and submitting this form.

3. Educate you about food and water safety at your destination.
Travel medicine is not just about preparing with shots and prescriptions. It's also avoiding illnesses by taking certain precautions.
In some countries, you still have to safe food, drink safe water, avoid fresh fruits and veggies, and cook and peel things completely.
They can also talk to you about showering, swimming, or brushing your teeth safely.

4. They can help you travel safely if you have specific health requirements.
Not all travelers are the same and everyone may have different concerns. At the Travel clinic, your physician can make sure you're meeting all of your needs according to your age and health. Travel risk assessment is an important part of the travel health practice; it includes evaluating both the risks of destination and health of the individual travelling to that destination. Risk assessment mainly determines what health and safety advice and interventions are given within the relevant prevailing travel health guidelines. The linkage between global travel and business is becoming stronger and travel related disease awareness has increased.
You may use the Travel Risk Estimator (TREB) to assess your travel health risk. It is envisioned as a tool, which allows both travelers and health care professional to have a rough estimation of the risk of a trip in a simple way.

You'll make plenty of decisions while you travel, and you have them make smart decisions to ensure your safety in a foreign country.
The clinic will help you to avoid putting yourself in unsafe situations, such as walking around alone at night, drinking more than usual, or having unprotected sex. Visiting a travel health clinic is the first step in assuring good health while traveling.


Get advice before traveling overseas. Ask a doctor online and get free medical advice for travel health queries.

Last Updated: 08 May 2022
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