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Country's codes

International phone code for Guatemala: +502

Standard ISO 3166-1:

    3 letters:  GTM

    2 letters (internet domain): . GT

    Digital country code 320

Standard EAN-13 (country barcode): 740

Olympic country code: GUA

FIFA code: GUA

Useful country information

Land area: 41,865 sq mi (108,430 sq km); total area: 42,042 sq mi (108,890 sq km)

Population (2013 est.): 14,373,472 (growth rate: 1.91%); birth rate: 25.99/1000; infant mortality rate: 24.32/1000; life expectancy: 71.46

Capital and largest city (2009 est.): Guatemala City, 1.075 million

Monetary unit: Quetzal

National name: Repblica de Guatemala

Current government officials

Languages: Spanish 60%, Amerindian languages 40% (23 officially recognized Amerindian languages, including Quiche, Cakchiquel, Kekchi, Mam, Garifuna, and Xinca)

Ethnicity/race: Mestizo (Ladino)?mixed Amerindian-Spanish ancestry?and European 59.4%, K'iche 9.1%, Kaqchikel 8.4%, Mam 7.9%, Q'eqchi 6.3%, other Mayan 8.6%, indigenous non-Mayan 0.2%, other 0.1% (2001)

Religions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, indigenous Mayan beliefs

National Holiday: Independence Day, September 15

Literacy rate: 71% (2003 est.)


The Maya civilization flourished in Guatemala and surrounding regions during the first millennium A.D. After almost three centuries as a Spanish colony, Guatemala won its independence in 1821. During the second half of the 20th century, it experienced a variety of military and civilian governments as well as a 36-year guerrilla war.
In 1996, the government signed a peace agreement formally ending the conflict, which had led to the death of more than 100 000 people and had created some 1 million refugees.

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