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How does travelDoctor PRO work?

How to Subscribe and Use travelDoctor PRO: A Step-by-Step Guide

First-Time User Steps:

Step 1: Accessing travelDoctor Pro

  • Open the travelDoctor app on your device.
  • Click on the "Join travelDoctor Pro" button prominently displayed on the app's home page.
    Access travelDoctor Pro

Step 2: Subscription Form

  • Complete the subscription form by entering your email and selecting a secure password. Your email will be used as your username.
  • Proceed to make the payment, choosing between PayPal or the secure credit card payment option supported by Stripe.
    Complete the form

Proceed to make the payment

Step 3: Confirmation

  • Once the payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email and constructions on how to use the service.

Step 4: Starting a Consultation

  • You will be directed to the travelDoctor Pro home page. Click on the "Start a Consult Now" button.
    Start a Consult

Step 5: Trip Information Form

  • Fill in the consultation form, providing details about your upcoming trip. Specify the country you are traveling to from the dropdown list.
    Fill in the consultation form
  • In the free-text area, mention the cities you plan to visit in the selected country and add any additional information.
    conclude the form submission
  • If you are visiting more than one country, submit separate consultation requests for each.

Step 6: Professional Response

  • Expect the professional response within 6 hours, with a maximum response time of one day.
  • Receive an email reminder when the expert reply is ready. The consultation content will be provided in the email, and you can also view it in the app by clicking on "Receive the Consultation."
    Recieve the response
  • The expert reply from the travel health doctor will encompass essential details, including any mandatory vaccines necessary for entry into your destination country. Additionally, it will outline recommended vaccines tailored to safeguard your health in alignment with your specific destination. If there is a risk of malaria at your travel location, the reply will provide insights into the recommended medications for protection.

Step 7: Accessing Consultation Replies

  • On the "Receive the Consultation" page, view a list of all your recent and new consultation replies.
    Click on the consultation title
  • If it's your first consultation, you will find a single item in the list.
  • Click on the consultation title link to access the reply.
  • On the consultation reply page, you can ask further questions or provide comments.
    Ask further questions or provide comments

Step 8: Close the Consultation

  • Satisfied with the advice? Feel free to close the consultation. Need more insight? Reply or leave a comment to continue receiving personalized health guidance.
    Close the consultation

Subsequent Usage Steps:

Step 1: Accessing Travel Doctor Pro for Subsequent Consultations

  • For subsequent consultations, go directly to the "Join Travel Doctor Pro" home page in the app.
  • Click on the "Start a Consult Now" button to submit a new travel health question.

Step 2: Logging In After Logout and Existing Members

  • If you log out of the Travel Doctor Pro app, navigate to the "Join Travel Doctor Pro" page.
    Locate the log-in section
  • Locate the log-in section at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your registered email and password in the log-in form.
  • Click the "Log In" button to securely access your Travel Doctor Pro account and resume utilizing its services.

By following these simple steps, you can seamlessly subscribe to travelDoctor Pro and utilize its services for expert travel health advice, ensuring a safe and healthy journey. Travel confidently with travelDoctor Pro at your fingertips!