National Holidays and International Days Around the World

Below are lists of public holidays by countries.
Country Date   Remarks
Afghanistan August 19 Afghanistan Independence Day: Independence from British imperial control over Afghan foreign affairs in 1919
Albania November 28 Albanian Independence Day: The day the Declaration of Independence was adopted by Ismail Qemali in 1912
Algeria July 5 Algerian Independence Day: Marks Independence from France in 1962
Angola November 11 Angolan Independence Day: Marked by Angolans on November 11th each year to commemorate the country's freedom from Portuguese colonial rule that happened on the same date in 1975.
Anguilla May 30 Anguilla Day: On May 30th 1967, the people of Anguilla began a revolution that led to independence from the associated statehood of St. Christopher-Nevis-Anguilla
Antigua and Barbuda November 1 Antigua and Barbuda Independence Day: Commemorates Antigua and Barbuda's independence from the UK on November 1st 1981
Argentina July 9 Argentina Independence Day: Independence of Argentina from Spain was declared on 9 July 1816.
Armenia May 28 Day of the First Republic: The First Republic of Armenia was established in 1918 after the collapse of the Russian Empire
Aruba March 18 National Anthem and Flag Day: The Flag of Aruba was officially adopted on March 18th 1976, along with the official anthem "Aruba Dushi Tera" (Aruba sweet land)
Australia January 26 Australia Day: On January 26th 1788 Captain Arthur Phillip became the first Governor of the colony of New South Wales
Austria October 26 Austria National Day: Austria's National Day commemorates the Declaration of Neutrality enacted on 26th October 1955
Azerbaijan May 28 Azerbaijan Republic Day: This holiday commemorates the founding of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan in 1918
Bahamas July 10 Bahamas Independence Day: The Bahamas gained its independence from the United Kingdom in 1973
Bahrain December 16 Bahraini National Day: Accession Day of Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa, the first Emir of Bahrain
Bangladesh March 26 Bangladesh Independence Day: Commemorates the declaration of independence from Pakistan on 26 March 1971 by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Barbados November 30 Barbados Independence Day: Independence was granted on November 30th 1966 with the passing of the Barbados Independence Act 1966
Belarus July 3 Belarus Independence Day: Adopted in 1996, in commemoration of the Red Army's 1944 liberation of Minsk during the Minsk Offensive
Belgium July 21 Belgium Independence Day: Independence Day celebrates the separation of Belgium from the Netherlands in 1831
Belize September 10 St. George's Caye Day: Marks the final victory of British forces against the Spanish
Benin August 1 Benin Independence Day: Marks Benin gaining full independence from France on 1 August 1960
Bermuda May 24 Bermuda Day: Bermuda Day is a public holiday in Bermuda on the final Friday in May. It is the National Day of Bermuda and unique cultural heritage of the islands.
Bhutan December 17 Bhutan National Day: Marks the day when Ugyen Wangchuck was elected as a hereditary king in 1907
Bolivia August 6 Bolivia Independence Day: This is Bolivia's National day. It commemorates independence from Spain in 1825
Botswana September 30 Botswana Day: Botswana gained its independence from Great Britain on September 30th 1966
Brazil September 7 Brazil Independence Day: On September 7th 1822, a declaration of independence from Portugal was made by Pedro di Alcântara, the son of the Portuguese King
Brunei February 23 Brunei National Day: Marks full independence from the United Kingdom in 1984. It is the National Day of Brunei
Bulgaria March 3 Bulgaria Liberation Day: March 3rd is Bulgaria's National Day. It honours the Bulgarian volunteers who, during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878 with the assistance of Russian and Romania.
Burkina Faso August 5 Burkina Faso Independence Day: Marks independence from French rule on 5 August 1960
Burundi July 1 Burundi Independence Day: Marks Burundi's independence from Belgium in 1962
Cambodia November 9 Cambodia Independence Day: Cambodia gained independence from France in 1953.
Cameroon May 20 Cameroon National Day: The United Republic of Cameroon replaced the federal structure on this day in 1972.
Canada July 1 Canada Day: Celebrates of the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation under the name of Canada
Cape Verde July 5 Cape Verde Independence Day: Marks Cape Verde's independence from Portugal on July 5th 1975
Cayman Islands July 6 Cayman Islands Constitution Day: Honours the first written constitution for the islands, which came into effect on July 4th 1959
Central African Republic December 1 Central African Republic Day: Ubangi-Shari became an autonomous territory within the French Community as the Central African Republic on 1 December 1958
Chad August 12 Chad Independence Day: On 11 August 1960, Chad gained its independence from France
Chile September 18 Independence Day of Chile: On September 18th 1810, Chile broke from Spanish rule, declaring their independence. The Spanish had ruled Chile since the middle of the Sixteenth Century
China October 1 Chinese National Day: The People's Republic of China was founded on October 1st 1949 with a ceremony at Tian'anmen Square.
Colombia July 20 Colombia Declaration of Independence: Key events related to Colombia's independence from Spain occurred on July 20th 1810
Comoros July 6 Comoros National day: Marks independence from France, gained on 6 July 1975
Congo Republic August 15 Congo Independence Day: The Republic of the Congo received full independence from France on August 15th 1960
Costa Rica September 15 Costa Rica Independence Day: Commemorates independence of the Central America region from Spanish rule in 1821
Croatia June 25 Croatia Statehood Day: Marks the day in 1990 when the first post-Communist multi-party Parliament was constituted.
Cuba January 1 Triumph of the Revolution: The day of the victory of the revolution led by Fidel Castro in 1959
Cyprus April 1 Cyprus National Day: Also known as 'EOKA Day', this holiday commemorates the start of the insurgence against the British in 1955
Czech Republic October 28 Independent Czechoslovak State Day: Marks the creation of Czechoslovakia in 1918
Denmark June 5 Denmark Constitution Day: Constitution Day commemorates the anniversary of the signing of the Danish constitution of 1849
Djibouti June 27 Djibouti Independence Day: Djibouti became independent from France in 1977 after a referendum showed overwhelming support for independence
Dominica November 4 Dominica Independence Day: On November 3rd 1978, Dominica gained its independence from Great Britain becoming a republic within the Commonwealth
Dominican Republic February 27 Dominican Republic Independence Day: The Dominican Independence War gave the Dominican Republic autonomy from Haiti on 27 February 1844
DR Congo June 30 DR Congo Independence Day: Marks the Democratic Republic of Congo's Independence from Belgium in 1960
East Timor May 20 East Timor Independence Restoration Day: East Timor became the first new sovereign state of the 21st century on 20 May 2002 when it gained independence from Indonesia
Ecuador August 10 Ecuador Independence Day: Marks Quito's declaration of independence from Spain in 1809
Egypt July 23 Revolution Day July 23: National Day. Celebrates the Revolution of 1952
El Salvador September 15 El Salvador Independence Day: Celebrates independence from Spain, achieved in 1821
England April 23 St. George's Day in England: Celebrated annually on April 23rd, as this is the generally accepted date of St. George's death
Equatorial Guinea October 14 Equatorial Guinea Independence Day: Independence from Spain on 12 October 1968, when the country became the Republic of Equatorial Guinea
Estonia February 24 Estonia Independence Day: Marks the declaration of independence from the Germans near the end of the first world war.
Eswatini September 6 Somhlolo Day: On September 6th 1968, gained its independence from the United Kingdom which had ruled since 1903
Ethiopia May 28 Downfall of the Derg: Marks the defeat of the Derg regime in 1991
Faroe Islands July 29 St. Olav’s Day: Commemorates the Norwegian King Olav the second, who brought Christianity to the Faroe Islands and who died in battle on July 29th 1030
Fiji October 10 Fiji Day: Fiji became an independent sovereign state on 10 October 1970 when its colonial status was removed
Finland December 6 Finland Independence day: Celebrates Finland's declaration of independence from the Russian Empire in 1917
France July 14 Bastille Day: Bastille Day celebrates the birth of the French Republic and marks the storming of the Bastille in 1789
French Guiana July 14 Bastille Day: Bastille Day celebrates the birth of the French Republic and marks the storming of the Bastille in 1789
Gabon August 16 Gabon Independence Day: Marks Gabon's independence from France on August 17th 1960
Gambia February 18 Gambia Independence Day: Gambia gained full independence from colonial Britain on 18 February 1965.
Georgia May 26 Georgia Independence Day: On May 26th 1918, the National Council of Georgia declared independence from the Russian Empire and the creation of Democratic Republic of Georgia
Germany October 3 German Unity Day: This is Germany's National Day. It marks the reunification of Germany that took place on 3 October 1990
Ghana March 6 Ghana Independence Day: March 6th is Ghana's National Day and commemorates Ghana's independence from the United Kingdom in 1957.
Gibraltar September 10 Gibraltar National Day: Gibraltar voted to remain under British sovereignty in a referendum of 1967
Greece March 25 Greek Independence Day: Greece's Independence Day is actually a holiday that has blended over time with an older festival - the feast of the Annunciation
Greenland June 21 Ullortuneq: Means 'longest day' and is celebrated on the Summer Solstice on either 20 or 21 June
Grenada February 7 Grenada Independence Day: Celebrates Independence from the United Kingdom on 7 February 1974
Guatemala September 15 Guatemala Independence Day: Commemorates independence of the Central American provinces from Spanish rule in 1821
Guinea October 2 Guinea Independence Day: Celebrates the anniversary of independence from France on 2 October 1958
Guinea-Bissau September 24 Guinea-Bissau Independence Day: Independence from Portugal was unilaterally declared on 24 September 1973
Guyana February 23 Guyana Republic Day: On February 23rd 1970, Guyana was declared a co-operative republic within the Commonwealth of Nations
Haiti January 1 Haiti Independence Day: Commemorates the day in 1804 when Jean-Jacques Dessalines declared independence and restored the country's native name.
Honduras September 15 Honduras Independence Day: Commemorates the independence of the Central American provinces from Spanish rule in 1821
Hong Kong July 1 Special Administration Region (SAR) Day: HKSAR Establishment Day commemorates the ending of British Colonial Rule on July 1 1997
Hungary March 15 Hungary Revolution Day: This day marks the anniversary of the start of the 1848 Revolution against the Austrian Empire and is celebrated with speeches and musical performances
Iceland June 17 Iceland Independence Day: Also called Icelandic National Day, June 17th marks Iceland's move to complete independence from Denmark
India August 15 India Independence Day: On the 15th of August 1947, India became completely independent from British rule
Indonesia August 17 Indonesia Independence Day: Marks Indonesia's declaration of independence from the Netherlands in 1945
Iran February 11 Islamic Revolution Day: Islamic Revolution Day is a public holiday in Iran observed on the 22nd day of the Persian month of Bhaman(February 11th). It is the National Day of Iran and marks the Islamic Revolution of 1979.
Iraq October 3 Iraqi Independence Day: Iraq's National Day celebrates and marks the independence of Iraq and the end of the British mandate on October 3rd 1932.
Ireland March 17 St. Patrick's Day: St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is a widely known historic figure. But for all his celebrity, his life remains somewhat of a mystery
Isle of Man July 5 Tynwald Day: Marks the annual outdoor sitting of the Manx Parliament
Israel April 23 Israel Independence Day: Israeli Independence Day commemorates the declaration of independence of Israel in 1948
Italy June 2 Italy Republic Day: Marks the referendum of 1946, which resulted in the creation of the Italian republic on June 2nd 1946.
Ivory Coast August 7 Ivory Coast Independence Day: Celebrates Côte d'Ivoire's independence from France on August 7th 1960
Jamaica August 6 Jamaica Independence Day: Jamaican independence was granted on August 6th 1962 and each year the date is dedicated to the remembrance of Jamaican history
Japan February 11 Japan National Foundation Day: Japan's National Day marks the traditional date on which according to legend Emperor Jimmu founded Japan in 660 BC
Jordan May 25 Jordan Independence Day: On May 25th 1946, the United Nations approved the end of the British Mandate and recognized Transjordan as an independent sovereign kingdom
Kazakhstan December 16 Kazakhstan Independence Day: Kazakhstan Independence Day marks the independence of Kazakhstan on December 16th 1991 following the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Kenya December 12 Jamhuri Day: Marks the date of Kenya's establishment as a republic on December 12th 1964
Kuwait February 25 Kuwait National Day: Marks the day when Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah ascended to the throne in 1950
Kyrgyzstan August 31 Kyrgyzstan Independence Day: The Republic of Kyrgyzstan was declared an independent, sovereign, democratic state on 31 August 1991
Laos December 2 Laos National Day: The establishment of the Lao People's Democratic Republic in 1975
Latvia November 18 Latvian National day: Marks the declaration of independence from German and Russian occupation after the end of the first world war
Lebanon November 22 Lebanon Independence Day: On this day in 1943, Lebanon’s leaders were released from detention by French occupation forces
Lesotho October 4 Lesotho Independence Day: Basutoland gained its independence from Britain and became the Kingdom of Lesotho in 1966
Liberia July 26 Liberia Independence Day: Marks the proclamation of independence from the United States on July 26th 1847
Libya February 17 February 17th Revolution: The start of the Libyan Civil War on February 17th 2011, when demonstrators were killed by government forces.
Liechtenstein August 15 Liechtenstein National Day: Commemorates the birthday of Prince Franz Josef II as well as the Feast of the Assumption
Lithuania February 16 Restoration of the State Day: The Act of Independence of Lithuania was signed by the Council of Lithuania on February 16th 1918, proclaiming the restoration of an independent State of Lithuania
Luxembourg June 23 Luxembourg National Day: The official birthday of the Grand Duke although no Grand Duke/Duchess has ever had a real birthday that fell on this day
Macau December 20 Macao SARE Day: Sovereignty over Macau was transferred from Portugal to China on December 20th 1999
Madagascar June 26 Madagascar Independence Day: Madagascar gained full independence from France on June 26th 1960
Malawi July 6 Malawi Independence Day: Marks Malawi's independence from the United Kingdom in 1966
Malaysia August 31 Malaysia National Day: 31st August marks Malaysia's Independence Day. Also known as Merdeka Day
Maldives December 1 Qaumee Dhuvas: Celebrates the victory of Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam over the Portuguese occupation in 1573
Mali September 22 Mali Independence Day: The Sudanese Republic became the independent Republic of Mali on 22 September 1960
Malta September 21 Malta Independence Day: Malta gained its political Independence from Great Britain on September 21st 1964
Mauritania November 28 Mauritania Independence Day: Mauritania declared its independence from France on November 28th 1960
Mauritius March 12 Independence and Republic Day: National Day in Mauritius is celebrated on March 12th. It marks two key events in the history of the country that both took place on March 12th; independence from B
Mexico September 16 Mexico Independence Day: Commemorates the start of the Mexican War of Independence against Spain on September 16th 1810
Moldova August 27 Moldova Independence Day: Marks the Declaration of Independence from the Soviet Union on August 27th 1991
Monaco November 19 H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince's Day: This the National Day of Monaco. It marks the official ascension of Prince Albert II to the throne on 19 November 2005
Mongolia July 11 Naadam: Naadam Festival is the most famous festival and biggest national holiday in Mongolia. Over five days, Mongolians proudly celebrate their tradition and nomadic culture.
Morocco November 18 Morocco Independence Day: Morocco's National Day commemorates independence from France on November 18th 1956
Mozambique June 25 Mozambique Independence Day: The National Day of Mozambique celebrates independence from Portugal on June 25th 1975
Myanmar December 6 Myanmar National Day: Beginning of the Student led protests against British Rule in 1920
Namibia March 21 Namibia Independence Day: The holiday celebrates Namibia's independence from South Africa on March 21st 1990.
Nepal September 20 Nepali Constitution Day: Nepal is governed according to the Constitution which came into effect on September 20th 2015, replacing the Interim Constitution of 2007
Netherlands April 27 Netherlands King's Birthday: Officially commemorates the birthday of King Willem-Alexander who was born on 27 April 1967.
New Zealand February 6 Waitangi Day: Commemorates the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi - New Zealand' s founding document
Nicaragua September 15 Nicaragua Independence Day: Commemorates independence of the Central American provinces from Spanish rule in 1821
Niger August 3 Niger Independence Day: Commemoration of Niger's independence from France on August 3rd 1960
Nigeria October 1 Nigeria Independence Day: This is the national day of Nigeria and is always celebrated on October 1st. It marks independence from British rule on 1 October 1960.
North Macedonia September 8 Macedonia FYRO Independence Day: The Republic of Macedonia gained its independence from Yugoslavia in 1991, where it was a federal state
Northern Ireland March 17 St. Patrick's Day: St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, is a widely known historic figure. But for all his celebrity, his life remains somewhat of a mystery
Norway May 17 Norway Constitution Day: Norway's National Day marks the adoption of the Constitution which declared the country as a kingdom independent of Sweden on May 17th 1814.
Oman November 18 Oman National Day: Marks Oman's independence from Portugal in 1650, making it the oldest independent state in the Arab world.
Pakistan August 14 Pakistan Independence Day: On this day in 1947, Pakistan became the world's first Islamic republic when it gained independence from British rule
Panama November 3 Separation Day: Declaration of independence from Colombia in 1903
Papua New Guinea September 16 Papua New Guinea Independence Day: Commemorates the day Papua New Guinea gained its indepence from Australia in 1975
Paraguay May 14 Paraguay Independence Day: Spanish authority in Paraguay was overthrown by an uprising on May 14th and 15th 1811
Peru July 27 Peru Independence Day: Marks the declaration of independence from Spain in 1821
Philippines June 12 Philippines Independence Day: Celebrates the Philippine Declaration of Independence on 12 June 1898
Poland November 11 Poland Independence Day: Commemorates the anniversary of Poland's assumption of independent statehood in 1918.
Portugal June 10 Portugal Day: Commemorates the death of Luís de Camões on June 10th 1580
Qatar December 18 Qatar National Day: Qatar National Day (Al-Yaoum-al-Watani) commemorates December 18th 1878 when Sheikh Jassim bin Mohammed Al Thani succeeded his father, Sheikh Muhammad Bin Thani, as the ruler of Qatar.
Romania December 1 Romania National day: The National day of Romania and celebrates the Union of Transylvania with Romania in 1918
Russia June 12 Russia Day: Russia Day commemorates the formal adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation
Rwanda July 1 Rwanda Independence Day: Rwanda's National Day celebrates its independence from Belgium in July 1962
Saint Kitts and Nevis September 19 Saint Kitts and Nevis Independence Day: Saint Kitts and Nevis gained independence from the United Kingdom on September 19, 1983
Saint Lucia December 13 Saint Lucia National Day: The country is named after Saint Lucy, who was a Christian martyr who died in 304 AD
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines October 27 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Independence Day: On October 27th 1979, following a referendum, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines became the last of the Windward Islands to gain independence from the UK
Samoa June 1 Samoa Independence Day: Marks Samoa's independence from New Zealand in 1962
San Marino September 3 San Marino Foundation Day: San Marino was founded in 301 AD by St. Marinus, a stone mason from Croatia who wanted to escape persecution by the emperor Diocletian
São Tomé and Príncipe July 12 São Tomé and Príncipe Independence Day: Marks São Tomé and Príncipe's independence from Portugal on this day in 1975.
Saudi Arabia September 23 Saudi Arabia National Day: On September 23rd 1932, King Abdulaziz announced the unification of the country as a kingdom
Scotland November 30 St. Andrew's Day: St. Andrew's Day is celebrated annually on November 30th, as this is the generally accepted date of St. Andrew’s death.
Senegal April 4 Senegal Independence Day: Celebrates independence and the transfer of power agreement signed with France on 4 April 1960
Serbia February 16 Sovereignty Day of Serbia: Anniversary of the First Serbian Uprising in 1804 and the first Serbian Constitution in 1835
Seychelles June 29 Seychelles Independence Day: Marks the date when Seychelles gained independence from the United Kingdom in 1976
Sierra Leone April 27 Sierra Leone Independence Day: Marks independence from the United Kingdom on 27 April 1961
Singapore August 7 Singapore National Day: Singapore declared independence from Britain in August 1963 and gained its own sovereignty on August 9th 1965
Slovakia September 1 Slovak Constitution Day: The constitution of independent Slovakia was adopted in Bratislava in 1992
Slovenia June 25 Slovenia Statehood Day: Commemorates Slovenia's declaration of independence from Yugoslavia on 25 June 1991
Somalia July 1 Somalia Republic Day: Marks the unification of the former Italian and British Somalilands as the Somali Republic on July 1st 1960.
South Africa April 27 South Africa Freedom Day: Celebrates freedom and commemorates the first democratic post-apartheid non-racial elections held on April 27th 1994, which saw Nelson Mandela elected as President
South Korea August 14 South Korea Liberation Day: Marks the liberation of Korea from 35 years of Japanese imperial rule in 1945 after the end of the second World War.
South Sudan July 9 South Sudan Independence Day: On July 9th 2011, South Sudan became the 54th independent country in Africa when it gained its independence from the Republic of Sudan.
Spain October 12 Hispanic Day: This national holiday commemorates the exact date when Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas
Sri Lanka February 4 Sri Lanka National Day: Marks independence from British rule on February 4th 1948
Sudan January 1 Sudan Independence Day: Marks Sudan's independence from Egypt and Britain in 1956
Suriname November 25 Suriname Independence Day: Full independence for Suriname from the Netherlands was granted on November 25th 1975
Sweden June 6 Sweden National Day: Commemorates the election of King Gustav Vasa in 1523
Switzerland August 1 Swiss National Day: On August 1st 1291, the three forest cantons of Uri, Schwyz, and Unterwalden signed the Federal Charter on the Rütli field, near to Lake Lucerne
Syria April 17 Evacuation Day: Commemorates the withdrawal of French troops on this day in 1946, when Syria proclaimed its independence after more than 20 years of French occupation.
Taiwan October 9 Double Tenth Day: Celebrates the start of the Wuchang Uprising of October 10, 1911
Tajikistan September 9 Tajikistan Independence Day: The day in 1991 when the Tajik SSR declared the sovereignty of the Republic of Tajikistan
Tanzania December 9 Tanzania Independence Day: Celebrates Tanganyika's independence from British rule in 1961
Thailand December 7 H.M. King's Birthday: The day commemorates the birthday of the King of Thailand, Vajiralongkorn, also known as Rama X.
Togo April 27 Togo Independence Day: The Togolese Republic was proclaimed on April 27th 1960 as Togo gained independence from France
Tonga November 2 Tonga Constitution Day: The constitution of Tonga was adopted on November 4th 1875
Trinidad and Tobago August 31 Trinidad and Tobago Independence Day: Commemorates the independence of Trinidad and Tobago from the United Kingdom in 1962
Tunisia March 20 Tunisia Independence Day: This public holiday on March 20th in Tunisia marks the declaration of independence from France 1956
Turkey October 29 Turkey Republic Day: On October 29th 1923, the Turkish constitution was amended and Turkey became a republic
Turkmenistan September 27 Turkmenistan Independence Day: Marks Turkmenistan's declaration of independence from the Soviet Union in 1991
Uganda October 9 Uganda Independence Day: Marks Independence from the United Kingdom in 1962
Ukraine August 24 Ukraine Independence Day: Commemoration of the Declaration of Independence from the USSR in August 1991.
United Arab Emirates December 2 UAE National Day: Commemorates formal nationalisation from the British Protectorate Treaties on 2 December 1971
Uruguay August 25 Uruguay Independence Day: Independence from the Empire of Brazil in 1825 following the end of the Argentina-Brazil War
USA July 4 USA Independence Day: On July 4th 1776 the United States of America proclaimed its independence from England
Uzbekistan September 1 Uzbekistan Independence Day: Uzbekistan's National Day commemorates independence from the Soviet Union on 1 September 1991.
Vanuatu July 30 Vanuatu Independence Day: Commemorates the end of British and French colonial rule on July 30th 1980.
Vatican City February 11 Lateran Treaty Day: Lateran Treaty Day is a public holiday observed in Vatican City on February 11th. It marks the 1929 signing of the Lateran Treaty, which established Vatican City as a sovereign state.
Venezuela July 5 Venezuela Independence Day: Signing of the 1811 Venezuelan Declaration of Independence marking the first independent nation of South America, also Armed Forces Day
Vietnam September 2 Vietnam National Day: Vietnam declares its independence, forming the Democratic Republic of Vietnam
Wales March 1 St. David's Day: St David is the patron saint of Wales. This holiday is always observed on March 1st, as the tradition is that he died on that day in 589 AD
Yemen May 22 Yemen Unification Day: Marks the anniversary of the unification of North Yemen and South Yemen in 1990.
Zambia October 24 Zambia Independence Day: Marks the declaration of independence from the United Kingdom in 1964
Zimbabwe April 18 Zimbabwe Independence Day: On April 18th, Zimbabwe Independence Day marks independence from the United Kingdom in 1980.

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