Country's codes

International phone code for Romania: +40

Standard ISO 3166-1:

    3 letters: ROU

    2 letters (internet domain): . RO

    Digital country code 642

Standard EAN-13 (country barcode): 594

Olympic country code: ROU

FIFA code: ROU

Useful country information

Total area: 91,699 sq mi (237,500 sq km)

Population (2022 est.):19.12 million

Capital and largest city (2022 est.): Bucharest, 1,785,000

Capital City
Bucharest: Capital City Profile

Other large cities: Cluj-Napoca, 324,576; Timisoara, 319,279; Iasi, 290,422; Constanta, 283,872; Craiova, 269,506, Brasov, 253,200; Galati, 249,342

Monetary unit: leu

Current government officials

Languages: Romanian 85.4% (official), Hungarian 6.3%, Romany (Gypsy) 1.2%, other 1%, unspecified 6.1% (2011 est.)

Ethnicity/race: Romanian 83.4%, Hungarian 6.1%, Roma (Gyspy) 3.1%, Ukrainian 0.3%, German 0.2%, other 0.7%, unspecified 6.1% (2011 est.)

National Holiday: Romania National day, December 1


Romania is in southeast Europe and is slightly smaller than Oregon. The Carpathian Mountains divide Romania's upper half from north to south and connect near the center of the country with the Transylvanian Alps, running east and west.

Soviet occupation following World War II led to the formation of a communist "peoples republic" in 1947 and the abdication of the king.

The decades-long rule of President Nicolae CEAUSESCU became increasingly draconian through the 1980s. He was overthrown and executed in late 1989.
Former communists dominated the government until 1996 when they were swept from power.

Much economic restructuring remains to be carried out before Romania can achieve its hope of joining the EU.

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