Country's codes

International phone code for Slovakia: +421

Standard ISO 3166-1:

    3 letters: SVK

    2 letters (internet domain): . SK

    Digital country code 703

Standard EAN-13 (country barcode): 858

Olympic country code: SVK

FIFA code: SVK

Useful country information

Total area:  18,859 sq mi (48,845 sq km)

Population (2022 est.): 5.447 million

Capital and largest city (2022 est.): Bratislava, 437,000

Capital City
Bratislava: Capital City Profile

Other large city: Kosice, 240,688

Monetary unit:Euro, formerly Koruna

National name: Slovenska Republika

Current government officials

Languages: Slovak 78.6% (official), Hungarian 9.4%, Roma 2.3%, Ruthenian 1%, other or unspecified 8.8% (2011)

Ethnicity/race: Slovak 80.7%, Hungarian 8.5%, Roma 2%, other and unspecified 8.8% (2011)

Religions: Roman Catholic 62%, Protestant 8.2%, Greek Catholic 3.8%, none 13.4%, other or unspecified 12.5% (2011)

National Holiday: September 1 os the Slovak Constitution Day.


Formerly a part of Austria-Hungary, the Slovaks joined with the closely related regions of Bohemia and neighbouring Moravia to form Czechoslovakia in 1918.

In the chaos of World War II Slovakia became a separate republic in 1938, tightly controlled by Germany. Post World War II in 1945 with the Warsaw Pact Czechoslovakia has become a communist state within a Soviet-ruled Eastern Europe. With the collapse of the Soviet influence in 1989 Czechoslovakia became a sovereign state.

Historic, political, and geographic factors have caused Slovakia to experience more difficulty than some of its Central European neighbors in developing from a centrally planned economy to a modern market economy.
In 1993 the Slovaks and the Czechs agreed to separate peacefully. In 2004 Slovakia became a member of the European Union and the NATO.

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