Country's codes

International phone code for Tanzania: +255

Standard ISO 3166-1:

    3 letters: TZA

    2 letters (internet domain): .TZ

    Digital country code 834

Standard EAN-13 (country barcode): -

Olympic country code: TAN

FIFA code: TAN

Useful country information

Total area:   364,898 sq mi (945,087 sq km)1

Population: 61.5 million

Capital City: Dodoma is the official and legislative capital capital of Tanzania, with a population of 410,956, while Dar es Salaam is the de facto seat of government. The city has a population of 7.047 million people (2021).

Capital City
Dodoma: Capital City Profile

Monetary unit: Tanzanian shilling

Current government officials

Languages: Swahili, English (both official); Arabic; many local languages

Ethnicity/race: mainland: native African 99% (includes 95% Bantu, consisting of more than 130 tribes), Asian, European, and Arab 1%; Zanzibar: Arab, native African, mixed

Religions: mainland: Christian 30%, Islam 35%, indigenous 35%; Zanzibar: more than 99% Islam


Tanzania is in East Africa on the Indian Ocean. To the north are Uganda and Kenya; to the west, Burundi, Rwanda, and Congo; and to the south, Mozambique, Zambia, and Malawi. Its area is three times that of New Mexico. Tanzania contains three of Africa's best-known lakes?Victoria in the north, Tanganyika in the west, and Nyasa in the south. Mount Kilimanjaro in the north, 19,340 ft (5,895 m), is the highest point on the continent.

Shortly after independence, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form the nation of Tanzania in 1964.

One-party rule came to an end in 1995 with the first democratic elections held in the country since the 1970s.

Zanzibar's semi-autonomous status and popular opposition have led to two contentious elections since 1995, which the ruling party won despite international observers' claims of voting irregularities.

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