Image by Public Co from Pixabay
Image by Public Co from Pixabay

International travel is an exciting experience, but it often comes with health risks, including exposure to diseases that may not be prevalent in your home country. Vaccination is an essential part of travel preparation, helping to protect you from potentially life-threatening infections. For adults planning international travel, several vaccines are recommended. In this article, we will discuss the efficacy, duration of immunity, and the recommended time intervals for revaccination for the seven vaccines commonly advised for international travelers.

  2. Yellow fever is a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes and can be found in certain parts of Africa and South America. The Yellow Fever vaccine is highly effective, with an estimated efficacy rate of over 95%. After receiving a single dose, most individuals develop immunity within a week. This immunity is generally long-lasting, providing protection for at least 10 years. However, some countries require proof of a yellow fever vaccine booster every ten years.

  4. Hepatitis A is a viral infection that can be contracted through contaminated food or water. The Hepatitis A vaccine offers excellent protection, with a vaccine efficacy rate of 94-100%. After the initial dose, a follow-up booster is given 6 to 12 months later to ensure long-term protection. The immunity can last for at least 20 years or even a lifetime.

  6. Rabies is a rare but deadly viral infection that affects the central nervous system. The rabies vaccine is highly effective, with a near 100% efficacy rate if administered properly. After a primary series of three doses, immunity can last for 2-5 years. However, individuals at continuous risk of exposure, such as those frequently working with animals or traveling to high-risk areas, should receive booster doses as recommended by healthcare professionals.

  8. Typhoid fever is caused by a bacterium, and vaccines are available in both injectable and oral forms. The vaccine's efficacy varies, with the injectable version offering around 70-90% protection, while the oral vaccine offers about 50-70%. The duration of immunity also varies: the injectable vaccine provides protection for about 2 years, while the oral vaccine's protection may last for 5 years. Booster doses may be required depending on the type of vaccine and the duration of travel.

  10. Meningitis is a potentially fatal disease caused by bacteria or viruses. The Meningitis ACWY vaccine offers high protection against these bacterial strains. Efficacy rates range from 85% to 100% depending on the specific serogroup. The duration of immunity for this vaccine is generally 3-5 years. Travelers to regions with an increased risk of meningitis may need booster doses.

  12. Hepatitis B is a viral infection that affects the liver. The Hepatitis B vaccine is highly effective, providing protection to over 90% of recipients after the primary series of three doses. The duration of immunity can be long-lasting, possibly lasting for a lifetime. However, healthcare workers and individuals at continuous risk may require periodic antibody level checks and booster doses if necessary.


Japanese encephalitis is a viral infection transmitted by mosquitoes in parts of Asia. The Japanese Encephalitis vaccine is highly effective, with an efficacy rate of approximately 90-95%. The duration of immunity varies depending on the vaccine brand. Some vaccines require boosters at 12-24 months after the primary series, while others may provide longer-lasting immunity.


Vaccination is a crucial part of international travel preparation, helping protect travelers from potentially life-threatening diseases. Understanding the efficacy and duration of immunity for each vaccine is essential for planning your trip and staying safe during your travels. Always consult with a healthcare professional or travel clinic to receive personalized recommendations based on your destination and individual health factors. Staying up-to-date on recommended vaccines is not only a requirement for entry into some countries but also a vital step in safeguarding your health while exploring the world.

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