Nature photography

Source: visual wilderness (external website).
  1. Masaya, Nicaragua
    Jay Patel embarks on a whimsical journey of the aspiring social media photographer's quest for social media stardom and self-discovery.
  2. Macro Photography from Clifton Gorge, Ohio by Jay Patel
    How to effectively immerse yourself in spring photography to capture the beauty of emerging life by pro photographer Jay Patel.
  3. Landscape Photo of Wanka Tree in New Zealand by Varina Patel
    Professional Wilderness Photographer Varina Patel gives 10 easy to follow tips to super charge your nature photography business.
  4. Artistic Landscape Photography from Iceland by Varina Patel
    Pro photographer Jay Patel shows you how to unlock the artistic potential of nature photography using camera lenses.
  5. Landscape photography from Pearl Spring, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming by Jay Patel
    Capture the beauty of nature with the perfect lens - A guide to choosing the best camera lenses for your nature photography needs.
  6. Wildlife Photography by Jane Palmer
    Whether you're an experienced photographer or just starting out, here are some ideas to find inspiration for nature photography.
  7. Fine Art Photography from Geysir, Iceland by Jay Patel
    Pro photographer Varina Patel shares in camera techniques to elevate your fine art photography to breathtaking heights.
  8. Landscape Photograhy by Lace Andersen
    A beginners guide for adding watermark to your photos for promotion and protection pro photographer Lace Andersen.
  9. Volcanoes National Park, Big Island, Hawaii, USA by Jay Patel
    Are you just getting started in Landscape Photography? Here are top 10 Tips for beginner Landscape Photographers.
  10. Landscape photography from Great Smoky Mountains by Jane Palmer
    Take your work from mundane to magical with these highly effective creative landscape photography tips by Jane Palmer.

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