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  1.   The 10 best places on earth to see the Northern Lights   Seeing the northern lights in person is on almost every adventurous traveler’s bucket list. This magical phenomenon of colorful lights in the night sky is truly a sight to behold. Most people never get to see them because, well, seeing them is […]

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  2. Best Food In Galicia & Northern Spain    Hold on to your pantaloons, we’re about to dive into some of the best food in Galicia and the northern Spain region!    Sit back and enjoy the pictures, the culture, and my little anecdotes from a road trip exploring this wonderful part of the world like […]

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  3. 10 Ethical Travel Tips for Responsible Travelers   As the world learns more about the negative impacts world travel can have, ethical travel has become increasingly important. With more travelers than ever before taking to the skies and exploring far-flung destinations, it is crucial that we strive to be responsible and conscious travelers in order […]

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  4.     Unleash Your Inner Adventurer: 10 Top adventure activities to do in Alaska Are you looking for the best adventure activities in Alaska? Then you’ve come to the right place. The largest state in the USA is perfect for outdoor lovers and photographers. Alaska attractions vary depending on your travel style and budget, from […]

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  5. Camping and outdoor activities in and around Perth, Australia Perth is considered the most isolated city in the world, meaning there’s plenty of nature to enjoy close by. Western Australia is known for its stunningly beautiful landscapes, white-sand beaches and wind-blown coastline. There are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from here, and camping is […]

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  6.   The Best Outdoor Ericeira Activities: an Epic Vacation in Portugal The small fisherman village on Lisbon’s northern coast is known for its stunning beaches and perfect waves, making it the ideal destination for surfers. But don’t let the quaint whitewashed Portuguese charm fool you, Ericeira has so much more to offer than just surfing. […]

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  7.   Ultimate Road trips from Las Vegas Visiting Las Vegas is a whole adventure and experience on its own in visiting all the wild, whacky and over the top venues around the city with each new casino trying to outdo all the others around the city. But, once you tire of all the neon lights, […]

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